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Invisalign: An Alternative to Metal Braces

Invisalign offers numerous benefits over traditional braces, including: 

  • Virtually Invisible: The aligners are crafted from a strong, yet nearly transparent material, so they blend right in with your natural teeth, making them virtually undetectable to others.

  • Removable: Traditional braces are cemented to the teeth and remain in place until the dentist removes them after treatment is complete. This means certain foods are off-limits and oral care is much more difficult. The Invisalign aligners are removable, however, so patients can eat anything they want and oral care is as simple as before beginning treatment.

  • Custom Fit: The snug fit of the aligners is the result of custom molds made by our dentist. This customization not ony ensures your comfort, but also ensures the right amount of pressure is delivered to achieve optimal alignment. 

  • Shorter Treatments: Invisalign treatments can be completed in as little as half of what treatment would take with traditional braces. Average Invisalign treatment is just 9 to 12 months, compared with the average 18 to 24 months with metal braces.