Dental Imaging

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Dental Imaging Guide

At Modern Dental of The East Valley in Mesa, Arizona, our dentist uses various dental imaging techniques to detect and diagnose any dental health issue that you may be experiencing. Dental imaging includes the use of several different modern technologies, such as digital x-rays and 3D scanners, to obtain high quality images of your teeth and mouth. In addition to the diagnosis of dental conditions like cavities, dental imaging technology is also used to plan treatments and monitor progress during the course of treatment. 

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays replaced the films used in conventional x-rays. This dental imaging technology helps diagnose dental health issues safely and quickly. A digital X-ray emits 90 percent less radiation than a traditional x-ray and the images from are available immediately for our dentist to review. 

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Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small video camera that takes an image of the outside of the gum or tooth. The intraoral camera resembles an oversized pen. While simultaneously viewing a monitor, the dentist inserts the camera into a patient's mouth and gently shifts it about so that images can be taken from a variety of angles.

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iTero Dental Impressions

The iTero Intraoral Scanner allows doctors to take a 3D digital scan of a patient’s teeth and bite rather than using a viscous impression material. This digital impression scanner can be used for veneers, crowns, bridges, surface inlays, onlays, implant abutments from single units to full arches and even modeling an Invisalign treatment. Patients are also able to view before and simulated after images of their dental treatments on an in-office computer display.

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Whether you are suffering from a toothache or need braces, Modern Dental of The East Valley has the dental imaging tools to provide you with the high quality and personalized treatment you deserve. Call our office at 480-545-5300 to learn more about our dental imaging technology or to schedule an appointment.